glenview community ice center improvements

See the flythrough animation below to learn more!

This flythrough animation from Williams Architects, as of October 2018, includes an updated increase of 2400 square feet to the overall size of the building. The animation shows energy-efficient translucent windows. The video gives you a 360 view of the exterior, and then brings you inside the first and second floors, showcasing additions in square footage to the lobby and main corridor for better flow of foot traffic. The final view is the studio rink from the second floor.

ice center renovation

Replace outdated electrical, plumbing, sewer lines and HVAC system

Improve accessibility for persons with disabilities

Update fire suppression system

Improve building envelope to address leaking and energy inefficiencies

Add new sheet of ice

Address other space and parking needs

ice center renovation timeline

  • architect, exhibit designer and engineer selection

    Completed May 2018

  • owner’s representative selection

    Completed May 2018

  • construction manager selection

    Completed May 2018

  • bid package #1 awarded – ice systems

    Completed February 2019

  • bid package #2 awarded – site utilities, site demolition and building excavation, building demolition, site electrical, asphalt paving and site concrete

    Completed February 2019

  • bid package #3 issued

    Completed April 2019

  • construct the project

    Completed Summer 2020

  • facility grand re-opening

    Completed September 12, 2020