the grove improvements and renovations

A number of safety measures and general improvements were recently made to The Grove.

The new entrance layout to The Grove was created by Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. and highlights the safety improvements and enhancements, including the easier-to-see sign design as created by H. M. Witt & Co. The architectural design renderings of the Interpretive Center were created by Wight & Company. These improvements show the office reconfiguration and how the space will be better situated for the new exhibits. The exhibit renderings were created by Bluestone & Associates, and showcase the new animal habitat and Kennicott exhibits.

safety & security updates

Addition of right turn lane at Milwaukee Avenue entrance

Widening the entrance and driveway

New security gate and lighting

Resurfaced parking lot

renovation of the interpretive center

Replace outdated HVAC, alarm and filtration systems

Improve accessibility for persons with disabilities

Update exhibit space

the grove entrance safety improvments timeline

  • finalized project plan

    Completed Summer 2018

  • permit coordination

    Completed Winter 2019

  • publicly bid the project

    Completed Spring 2019

  • construct the project

    Ongoing Summer/Fall 2019

  • Completed

    Winter 2019

the grove interpretive center renovation timeline

  • architect, exhibit designer and engineer selection

    Completed August 2018

  • owner’s representative selection

    Completed August 2018

  • construction manager selection

    Completed Fall 2018

  • finalizing project plan

    Completed Winter/Spring 2019

  • permitting

    Completed Winter/Spring 2019

  • construction bidding on the project

    Completed Spring 2019

  • exhibits bidding on the project

    Completed Summer 2019

  • construct the project

    Ongoing Summer/Fall 2019

  • construct the exhibits

    Ongoing Fall 2019

  • facility grand re-opening

    February 22, 2020