RapidShot/Dryland Training Room

Our Dryland Training room is located on the second floor of the Glenview Community Ice Center. It features RapidShot and RapidHands training machines, turf flooring, cardio and core fitness training equipment, and a ProMotion harness and spinner. The Dryland Training Room is available for rental by coach, skater, and groups.

What is RapidShot?

Essentially a batting cage for hockey, RapidShot is the most advanced computerized shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time.  RapidShot technology tracks and saves shooting data from each player’s individual use and tracks their progress session-to-session.

What is RapidHands?

RapidHands is a stick-handling training station that will improve a players’ ability to control and maneuver the puck. Players can work on specific skills or utilize a competition mode to compare their performance with local players or players from around the world.

How it Works

Each player must fill out a Membership Application (link membership application). Once the Membership Application and payment have been processed, the player will head upstairs with the card given to them at the front desk.  There is a card reader at the RapidShot and RapidHands stations, and when a card is swiped, RapidShot is ready to be used.  RapidShot Guidelines (link rapidshot guidelines) must be reviewed prior to use.


Drop-In Use: $30 per 30minutes/$50 per 60min (individual player) – this reflects the actual user play time once their card is swiped

Private Rental Rate: $90 per 60min

Dryland Fitness Private Lessons