You’ve found an Easter Egg hidden on one of the pages of our shiny new website. We’d like to reward you for poking around and checking things out! Complete the form below to receive a $5 credit on your Glenview Park District Household Account for a future program or visit.

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New to town? New to our Park District facilities? Check out our FAQ page to learn how to set up a new household account.

Household Account Setup

rules and regulations

This promotion is open to both residents and nonresidents of the Glenview Park District. All claims will be recorded under the household account through the Glenview Park District. Participants who do not have a household account through the Glenview Park District may register to receive one.

Only one $5 credit can be claimed per household and if you have an overdue balance on your account, you may not be eligible. Prize credit can only be used towards a daily visit or registered program with the Glenview Park District, no cash refunds allowed. Not eligible to be used for purchases at Glenview Park Golf Club, or greens fees at Glenview Prairie Club.

Personal information collected for entries includes first and last name, household number and email address. Personal information will be used to limit the number of entries to one for each household entered in the drawing. Personal information may be used by the Glenview Park District for marketing purposes unless participants indicate opt out. Employees of the Glenview Park District, as well as their immediate family members, are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

If contact information or account number is not entered correctly, credit will not be applied to your account.

Residents: You will need to provide proof of residency the first time you set up an account with us. Please scan or take a picture of one of the following documents and include it with your email to We accept one of the following as a valid proof of residency: a house purchase contract or apartment lease, a current utility or real estate tax bill, or a homeowners or rental insurance policy.

Read “Who Is A Park District Resident” and see a map of park district general boundary guidelines to determine if you qualify for resident rates.

Timing of Promotion
The hunt starts Wednesday, March 10, and ends when 300 prize credits have been claimed, or on April 5 at 10 a.m., whichever comes first. The $5 credits will be added to eligible participants’ Household Accounts within three weeks of the end of the promotion.