GPD Skating Academy

Discover the thrill of skating at the new Glenview Community Ice Center


Welcome to the Skating Academy

Join us at the GPD Skating Academy and learn to skate this year! Classes are designed for all ages, levels and abilities. Skating is fun way to exercise that teaches coordination and balance, builds muscle and endurance and promotes relief from stress.

The GPD Skating Academy utilizes the curriculum standards established in the Learn to Skate USA program. Learn to Skate USA is administered by United States Figure Skating the national governing body for the sport of figure skating.

GPD Skating Academy Mission Statement
“The GPD Skating Academy delivers the highest quality, professionally coached skating instruction in a fun and encouraging environment that builds strong foundations on which to explore and develop future skating endeavors.”

2022 Season Class Schedule

Fall Session I

  • Fall Session I runs Sept. 6-Oct. 1. Register here.
  • Registration begins Tu, July 26. Current Skaters: please wait to register until after you have been evaluated.
  • Check out our “At A Glance” schedule here.

Fall Session II

  • Fall Session II runs Oct. 4-Nov. 19.
  • Registration begins Tu, Sept. 20. Current Skaters: please wait to register until after you have been evaluated.

GPD skating academy information

New skaters with no previous instruction register for Snowplow Sam 1 (ages 4-6) Basic 1 (ages 7-12) or Teen/Adults (ages 13+) If you’re unable to register online, please print the GPD Skating Academy Registration form, complete the required information and scan/email completed form to GCIC Front Desk.

GPD Registration Form (in case you are unable to register online, you may use this form)

Registration Information – Freestyle Ice Time

Please carefully read the “Freestyle Information” information below before completing your freestyle ice registration.

Skaters are encouraged to pre-register for ice registration, however, at this time walk-ons are permitted. Freestyle ice is sold on a monthly basis. All Freestyle/Low Freestyle sessions are $7, with one exception being Studio Rink Low Freestyle sessions at $5.

If you have any questions, please contact the Front Desk at 847-724-2800.

August Freestyle Registration
August Low Freestyle Registration
August Competitive Edge Registration

September Freestyle Registration
September Low Freestyle Registration

Open registration for all groups/skaters. Click the below links for Freestyle/Low Freestyle calendar layout pages:

  • Navigate to the next month using the “Next Month →” button
  • Select the appropriate freestyle or low freestyle sessions you would like to purchase by selecting the session inside the calendar date box. To see all sessions, you may need to select the “+” sign to expand.  After selecting each session, it will appear in a green box in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Once you’ve selected all of your sessions, click the “Add to Cart” button.

Then, it will take you to a screen to log-in to your household, utilize your household number and last name in all caps.  If you have the appropriate permissions based on the Priority Registration information schedule above, you will be able to continue to complete your transaction by selecting the skater’s name and proceeding to checkout.

  • Once you proceed through the checkout process, you’ll be sent a PDF receipt showing your completed transactions.

Transfers on Unfilled Sessions

Refunds and transfers are permitted on unfilled freestyle sessions for health, scheduling, etc. with 24 hours’ notice. Please send an email to with

  1. the skater’s name;
  2. The originally scheduled sessions (dates + times);
  3. The sessions to be transferred to (dates + times).

Please note that transfer requests submitted outside of business hours will be subject to processing during the next scheduled business day (Mon-Fri 8:30a-5p).

A punch card will be issued for your skater, available for use at the front desk. Your skater must check in for ice time prior to taking the ice and may let the front desk know that they have a punch card available. Punch card use is considered walk-on use for freestyle and is subject to ice availability.

Refunds/Ice Cancellation on Unfilled Sessions

Refunds are permitted on unfilled freestyle sessions for health, scheduling, etc. with 24 hours’ notice. Please send an email to including the skater’s name and the session dates/times that you are looking to refund. Refunds will be processed during business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30a-5p) and can take up to 10 business days.

Freestyle Ice Time Information Links

Freestyle Ice Time Information (Please review these guidelines carefully before you register.)

Freestyle Ice Time – Step-by-Step How to Register

August Weekly Freestyle + Low Freestyle

September Weekly Freestyle + Low Freestyle

Ice Etiquette and Waiver Form (all skaters MUST have this form on file before skating any freestyle session, print/scan and email to the Front Desk at 847-724-2800.

Class Descriptions


skating 101

Discover the exciting sport of skating at the brand new Glenview Community Ice Center! Get some great exercise, learn fun skating skills and make new friends as you explore the sport of skating. Join us for Skating 101, a two day introduction to skating classes! This program is designed for new skaters who have never taken a skating class. Skaters will be divided by ages 4-6 years, 7-12, 13+. Professionally instructed classes and rental skates for only $15.00.

Sessions offered Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break weeks.


snowplow sam 1-3

Beginner skaters aged 4-6 start at the Snowplow Sam level. Skaters will learn the basics of skating – agility, balance and coordination – in a safe, positive and encouraging environment, incorporating fun and games as they move through skill progression. View Full Description.


basic skills 1-6

Beginner skater age 7-12 start here at Basic 1 and work their way up through these six levels. Skaters learn basic skating fundamentals in a progression of skills that includes: forward and backward skating, beginning turns, edges, and balance moves. Strong foundations built here! View Full Description.


pre free skate and free skate levels

After passing Basic 6, skaters move to Pre Free Skate, where they will learn beginning jumps including half-rotation jumps, flexibility and balance moves, and one foot forward and backward spins.

Continuing forward in their progression, skaters will move to Bronze (previously FS 1 & 2), Silver (previously FS 3 & 4) and Gold Free Skate (previously FS 5 & 6) and Platinum (previously FS 7+). In these four levels, skaters will practice advanced skating skills – single rotation jumps, scratch, sit, camel and combination spins. View Full Description.


teen and adult

The teen and adult curriculum is designed for the beginning skater and those looking to improve their skills. Lessons are a healthy, enjoyable way to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. Lessons promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while learning proper skating techniques. View Full Description.


advanced curriculum

Skaters in levels Basic 5 and up will be taught additional skills at an accelerated pace to progress through to the highest levels of the sport. View Full Description.

Additional Skating Opportunities


annual spring ice show

Show-off the skills you’ve mastered in class to family and friends, wear a cool costume and skate to music with your friends. All GPD Skating Academy skaters enrolled in Session 3 and 4 are invited to join the biggest event of the season – the Glenview Community Ice Center’s Annual Spring Ice Show! Don’t miss out on this fun event – the highlight of your skating season. Watch for your Ice Show Invitation delivered to skaters during Session 3.

private lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. For information on private lessons, please reach out to Julie Brinskelle. We will discuss your needs, schedule and goals and facilitate the next step of getting connected with a GPD Skating Academy coach for lessons. Click here to fill out our Private Lesson Request Form.

skater accomplishments – celebrate the news!

Join us in celebrating you or your skater’s accomplishments with our seasonal GCIC newsletter! Submit the form here to share goals accomplished, tests passed, jumps landed, new skills mastered, competition awards, or news from the ice! Newsletters will be released seasonally (fall, early winter, late winter, spring, summer).

figure skating freestyle ice

For students wishing to work on their competitive routines or take private lessons, practice ice is available in the form of Freestyle sessions. These sessions are offered in the morning and after school, Monday-Friday and on Saturday mornings and are available by pre-registration only on a month by month basis. To register, see the Forms Box above for the current month’s Freestyle Registration Form.


The Glenview Community Ice Center hosts 2 annual competitions. The Freeze is a USFS Compete USA event held in mid-February and the Chicago Open is a USFS Non-qualifying event held in late July annually. Please contact Julie Brinskelle for more information about these events.

glenview blades – synchronized skating teams

Synchronized skating is a team sport in which 8-20 skaters perform together. The Glenview Community Ice Center is proud to be home of the Glenview Blades. Our teams follow the guidelines of the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Synchronized Skating program. Clinics and tryouts for these teams occur every April/May.

The success of the Glenview Synchronized Skating teams is due in the large part to the efforts of the team families who make up the Glenview Blades Organization and our dedicated coaching staff. To show your support to our Glenview Blades skaters, visit our Spiritwear Store.

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