strategic plan

The Strategic Plan was developed in tandem with the Comprehensive Master Plan utilizing a statistically valid household survey to identify community needs and by engaging Board Members, leadership staff, management and supervisors in a collaborative process.  This plan began May 2018 and has been extended through April 2022.

Why do we need a Strategic Plan?

The Glenview Park District is recognized as one of the finest park districts in Illinois, with a wide variety of outstanding parks and facilities. But community demands for programs and facilities are ever changing and the park district has a finite amount of resources available to meet these needs. The Strategic Plan identifies and prioritizes the actions that need to be taken by the board and staff to make the best use of our resources.

How is the Strategic Plan being implemented?

The Strategic Plan consists of several initiatives to be achieved in critical areas and the timeframes in which they should be accomplished. But developing the tactics and steps to be taken to achieve these goals will, in many cases, be the job of team members in various areas of the district. The plan will point the direction, but Glenview Park District staff will create the itinerary and plans to execute the objectives.

The Strategic Vision and Plan is meant to guide the Glenview Park District for three years.