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GPD Hockey is the program for everything hockey! From the first time your child puts on a pair of skates and steps on the ice to actually playing on a team in a league, we will coach them every stride of the way.


At the Glenview Community Ice Center, our hockey instructors don’t just teach the skills needed to play the game of hockey; they are also committed to teaching our students that character counts on and off the ice.

At GPD Hockey, beginning skaters will start their careers with First Timers, an introduction to the ice and the sport of hockey. Next, they’ll move through three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) of Youth Development hockey, designed to give them a solid baseline of skills. When they’re ready, and between the ages of 5 and 15, they’ll move up to Youth League, a recreational league where participation, skill development and sportsmanship are the primary objectives. While participating in Youth League, there are a variety of other programs throughout the calendar year aimed to continue to refine skills including League Prep, Skills Clinics and Rapid Hockey Circuit.

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Since 1987, our internationally recognized Hockey Director, Sylvain Turcotte, has built our hockey program into one of the strongest in the area.

Sylvain and his staff take special joy in sharing their enthusiasm for the game with their students and feel rewarded as they see their students progress from the fundamentals of the game to the teamwork necessary for success in hockey as well as in life. Sylvain particularly enjoys working with very young skaters and is also gratified to see a growing number of girls in our area taking up the sport. With our facility renovation complete, Sylvain can’t wait to get skaters back on the ice in Glenview and continue to spread his hockey enthusiasm through the community.

Getting Started – First Timers

To provide 3-10 year-olds with a chance to try hockey without committing to a full session, the GPD Hockey provides sessions with two to three 30-minute classes called First Timers, several times a year. These sessions cost only $15 and include a helmet, skates, stick and instruction.

The Next Step – Youth Development Classes

Once your child has an interest in hockey, they can sign up for full sessions of Youth Development classes which are offered several times a year for children ages 3-12.

  • Skaters will start at the Beginner level, which is designed for children with no skating experience and will involve walking, falling, getting up and an introduction to gliding and striding.
  • Next is the Intermediate level, which is for Skaters that have graduated from the Beginner program or can get from one end of the Studio Rink to the other without falling. This class will involve striding, gliding and snowplow stopping and they will be introduced to sticks & pucks.
  • Last, skaters will take the Advanced level, for skaters that have completed the Intermediate program, can stride from one end to the other of the Studio Rink or obtained permission from the hockey director. Emphasis will be on crossovers, backwards skating, hockey stops, pivots and puck control.

Getting More Serious – Youth League

Once a player has completed the Intermediate level of Youth Development hockey, they are ready to join the GPD Hockey Youth League. The league is open to all hockey players between the ages of 5 and 15 years of age. Program fee includes team jersey, socks and nameplate. Rating sessions begin in September and league play takes place October through mid-March.

Skaters will be on the ice twice each week, with one practice and one game. Dynamites and Mites will play an in-house league with all practices and games at home. Squirts and above will practice at home and enter a local league to play half of their games at home and half of their games away at other rinks within a 30-minute driving radius.

Fine Tuning Your Skills

The Glenview Ice Center offers a variety of clinics throughout the year for youth and adults. These programs are designed to enhance skills of all levels of players.

  • League Prep is an opportunity to dust off the rust from summer and sharpen hockey skills before the beginning of the Fall Youth Hockey League Season.
  • Skills Clinics are an opportunity to sharpen your skills during the Spring, Summer and Youth League seasons.
  • Rapid Hockey Circuit is a fast-paced hockey training circuit using the newest training equipment in the Dryland Training room, RapidShot and RapidHands, which are patented hockey training systems that lead the way in hockey skills training and analytics.

Taking It to the Next Level – Travel League

The Glenview Jr. Stars and the Glenview Stars are affiliate organizations of the Glenview Park District. The Glenview Jr. Stars will field Mite travel teams and the Glenview Stars will field Squirt through Bantam travel teams. Both organizations will primarily skate out of Glenview Community Ice Center, but also a few other local rinks. Click on the links below for more information about our travel leagues.

Glenview Jr. Stars

Glenview Stars

Private Lessons

If you need additional instruction, you may approach the instructor of your choice directly or contact Hockey Director, Sylvain Turcotte for a recommendation. Each instructor has their own fee and the cost of ice time is added to the fee. For more information on any of our hockey programs, please call Sylvain Turcotte at 847 724 2800 or e-mail him at

GPD Hockey Accomplishments and Celebrations– Celebrate the News

Please join us in celebrating you or your player’s accomplishments with our seasonal GCIC newsletter! Submit the form here to share goals accomplished, league or team results to note, new skills mastered, or news from the ice! Newsletters will be released seasonally (fall, early winter, late winter, spring, summer).

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