Park Board Recognizes Local Scouts

The Glenview Park Board presented four Glenview scouts and one scout troop with certificates recognizing their work in helping build our Glenview community at the December board meeting. Congratulations to the following scouts, who are shining examples of community leaders! These projects were completed during the time frame of Summer 2020-Winter 2021.

Eagle Scout Peter Nardulli, Troop 32  – The Glenview Park District thanks Peter for choosing Historic Wagner Farm to complete his Eagle Scout project. The completion of the market garden storage shed, and the raised planter boxes have increased the efficiency of farm operations. The storage bins and drain boxes helped revamp our community garden. These projects Peter completed are helping feed and connect our local community.

Eagle Scout Daniel Stein, Troop 2 – The Glenview Park District thanks Daniel for choosing Historic Wagner Farm to complete his Eagle Scout project. Daniel led a successful project to convert a half walled storage area into a functioning tack room. Daniel led troop members in framing out and siding the new tack room in a driving rain storm that flooded the work area. Despite this he persevered and completed his project with poise and professionalism.

Eagle Scout Christopher Fish, Troop 32 – The Glenview Park District thanks Christopher for choosing a project at the Grove to complete his Eagle Scout honors. With the goal of encouraging outdoor play, Christopher and his scout troop constructed and installed several interactive play stations around the property. During the long stretches of the pandemic, young visitors to The Grove could sort through fossils or construct wilderness shelters at these stations, surrounded by the lush prairie and woods. Christopher’s troop also constructed a water table, operated by an antique hand pump, which will be installed nearby the other sites. The development and installation of these play stations continues to encourage children to engage in outdoor exploration and experience the many benefits of imaginative play in nature.

Eagle Scout Andrew Allison, Troop 55 – The Glenview Park District thanks Andrew for choosing a project at the Grove to complete his Eagle Scout honors. With the goal of protecting natural areas, Andrew and his scout troop constructed and installed cedar split rail fencing along the walkway to the Interpretive Center.  Andrew lead his troop in digging post holes and erecting the fencing to a total of 350 feet.  The rustic fence leads visitors to the Interpretive Center to learn of The Grove’s rich history.  It also enhances The Grove’s rustic appeal, and prevents the public from entering protected nature preserve areas

Girl Scout Troop 40044 – The Glenview Park District thanks Girl Scout Troop 40044 for selecting The Grove to earn their Silver Award. During the long Covid shutdown the beautiful gardens at The Grove were a bit neglected and needed desperate attention. The troop offered their services at the perfect time- just as the public was ready to come out and experience all the Grove has to offer again. The scouts removed weeds from the sensory and historic gardens and added plants, continued to weed and water all summer long, built a compost bin for organic matter removed from the gardens, and built a rustic fence around the log cabin garden to protect the produce from the wild animals.  The gardens were cared for and grew beautifully for everyone to enjoy. Produce grown would be added to the diets of the animals in the Interpretive Center.  IF the gardens yielded an overabundance of food the plan was to donate to the Northfield Township Food Pantry.  The Girl Scouts support of The Grove through these projects is greatly appreciated and has enhanced this community gem. Troop members at the Board Meeting were Grace Carlson, Isabel Carlson, Sarah Foster, Alana Philbrick, Elisabeth Steiger, Maddie Uhlemann and Troop Leader Mary Steiger.