Field Trips at Historic Wagner Farm

Field trips are available for ages preschool through grade 8 and meet Common Core and Illinois State standards. Read through the descriptions below and select an unforgettable learning experience for your class. School field trips can be customized for home school families and groups.* For more information or to reserve your trip, call 224-521-2189 or email

What can you learn at Historic Wagner Farm?

In the 1920s, there were well over 5,200 working farms in Cook Country. Today, there are only a handful. With so few Americans farming, their profound impact on the country and the world is amazing. We enjoy the rural output in the foods that our families consume and in the products that power our cars and that clothe our bodies. A visit to Historic Wagner Farm is not a trip to a petting zoo. It is an opportunity to see and participate in the daily activities of a real working farm. Our active teaching methods and hands-on activities encourage students to discover the connections between producer and consumer and the past to the present.

in-person field trip options

Five Senses on the Farm

You may have seen the farm before, but have you seen, smelled, heard, touched and tasted it? Through hands-on activities, games, and songs, our youngest visitors will use their five senses to explore the farm. They’ll meet animals, learn about chores, and discover some of the food the farm produces.
Grade Level: Pre-K – K
Program Length: 75 minutes
Learning Standards: 1.E.ECe; 6.A.ECa; 7.A.ECc; K.CC.5; 11.A; 12.A.ECa; 12.C.ECa; 13.A.ECa; K-LS1-1; 15.A.ECa; 23.A
Min / Max: 10 / 60
Availability: Spring, Summer, Fall

Moo-ving About the Farm

Let’s get a moo-ve on! There’s work to do! Learn about the different jobs people and animals have on the farm during this introduction to agriculture. Students will meet animals and take part in hands-on activities like grinding corn, feeding chickens, and making butter.
Grade Level: K – 2
Program Length: 90 minutes
Learning Standards: SL.K.2; SL.1.2; SL.1.4; K-LS1-1; 2-LS4-1; SS.EC.2.1; SS.H.1.K; SS.H.1.2
Min / Max: 10 / 60
Availability: Spring, Summer, Fall

History Detectives: Agriculture Enigmas

Can you solve the mystery of the Agriculture Enigmas? During this immersive program, students will become history detectives as they investigate objects and buildings to discover how our food systems have changed over the last 100 years.
Grade Level: 1 – 8
Program Length: 90 minutes
Learning Standards: SS.IS.1.K-2; SS.H.3.1; SS.H.1.2; SS.IS.6.3.5; SS.H.2.3; SS.EC.2.4; SS.G.1.5; SS.H.2.5; SS.IS.4.6-8.L.C; SS.IS.6.6-8 MdC; SS.H.1.6-8.MdC; SS.H.4.6-8.MC
Min / Max: 10 / 45
Availability: Year round

Milking Cows and Pulling Plows

Cows, and horses, and chicks, oh my! Students will milk cows, groom horses, and collect eggs, all while exploring the historic and modern roles of livestock in our society.
Grade Level: 2 – 6
Program Length: 2 hours
Learning Standards: 2-LS4-1; 3-LS2-1; 4-LS1-1; SS.EC.FL4.2; SS.EC.2.4; SS.EC.1.5; SS.H.1.2; SS.H.3.4; 22A
Min / Max: 10 / 35
Availability: Spring and Fall

Passport to the ‘20s

Step off the bus and back in time! During this immersive experience, students will learn what life was like on a 1920s farm. They’ll care for the farm animals and complete the daily domestic chores, including cooking their own lunch on a wood-burning stove.
Grade Level: 4 – 8
Program Length: 3 hours
Learning Standards: SS.EC.2.4; SS.G.1.5; SS.H.3.4; SS.H.2.6-8.LC; SS.H.4.6-8.LC; SS.H.1.6-8.MdC
Min / Max: 10 /25
Availability: Spring, Summer, Fall

Ag at Your Door

Let us bring the farm to you! Students will learn about agriculture as they transition through a variety of fun, informative stations. This program is semi-customizable to meet the needs of your school.
Grade Level: Pre-K – 8
Program Length: 45 minute segments
Learning Standards: Varies. Contact us to discuss customizable options!
Min / Max: 30 / 80 per segment
Availability: Spring and Fall

virtual field trip options

Animal Adventures

Have you ever wondered why a rooster crows?  Or maybe why cows eat so much food?  Now is your chance to get all of your questions answered.  Presented over Zoom, farmers will take you on a virtual tour of Wagner Farm to meet and learn all about our cows, horses, sheep, pigs and chickens.  At the end of the tour, your class will get some one on one time with your animal of choice (chosen prior to field trip) to learn more and ask questions.
Grade Level: Pre-K – 6 (Pre-K, call or email for information about a shortened version.)
Program Length: 30 – 45 minutes
Learning Standards: K-LS1-1; 3-LS2-1; 4-LS1-1; SS.EC.2.1; SS.H.1.K; SS.H.1.2
Availability: Year round

Life on a 1920’s Family Farm

On a typical day in the 1920’s, families worked together to finish all the daily chores. There was work to do both in and outside the home.  But was there any time for fun?  This program will use Zoom to show your class the many chores and past times from the early 20th century. Students will also learn more about the new technologies introduced during this time that had a life changing impact on family farms.
Grade Level: 2 – 6
Program Length: 30 – 45 minutes
Learning Standards: SS.H.1.2; SS.H.2.3; SS.H.3.4; SS.H.2.5; SS.H.1.6-8.MdC
Availability: Year round